Here's just a small sampling of the success stories I've told over the years. 

Highlights include:

 - published author on Amazon

 - regular ghostwriter for high-profile individuals and heads of state

 - featured alongside Thoreau, Steinbeck, and the United Nations

The confidential nature of ghostwriting makes it difficult to share writing samples. Stay tuned for an announcement that will bring more of my writing into the public realm! 

Real Leaders , January 2014

Real Leaders, January 2014

2014: Time to Pony Up

2014 is the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese Zodiac – a year characterized by people making unremitting efforts to improve themselves.

Unremitting improvement. I like it; it sounds new, fresh, fierce. I love a good challenge. But, I have one problem. I despise New Year’s Resolutions.

I appreciate the hope and optimism surrounding our resolutions. I love the creative process of concocting goals for the next year. Here’s my gripe: New Year’s resolutions too often take the place of actually taking action. 

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NextBillion , December 2012

NextBillion, December 2012

Suspended Between Life and Death: LifeWraps Fights Obstetric Hemorrhaging

...The care I received helped me make a full recovery, but the experience could very easily have permanently damaged my health – or even ended my life.

And this was in the United States.

Imagine how this scenario would unfold in rural Somalia—home to one of the world’s highest maternal mortality rates, according to the CIA World Factbook—where most women are delivering babies at home or in primary care centers that lack appropriate emergency medical facilities. If a mother-to-be begins to hemorrhage she may be hours or days away from a hospital, likely to bleed to death before she gets the care she needs.

This scenario isn’t unusual. Obstetric hemorrhaging is the leading cause of maternal death worldwide; every four minutes a woman dies from unstoppable bleeding during delivery. But about half of those deaths could be prevented using a new, incredibly simple first aid device called a LifeWrap—picture a scuba-style wetsuit sliced into strips that Velcro around a woman’s lower body. 

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Scuba Diving Magazine , July 2012

Scuba Diving Magazine, July 2012

Anchors Away

Imagine you're diving in warm, clear water along a 1,000-foot vertical wall of multicolored coral dotted with thousands of curious fish. Schools of tuna and trevally streak by while a humpback surfaces in the distance. An endangered hawksbill turtle glides past you, and a blue ribbon eel peeks out of his cave.

Are you ready to buy your plane ticket?

Spanning the sea between Fiji's two largest islands -- Viti Levu and Vanua Levu -- the Namena Marine Reserve showcases some of the world's most spectacular tropical coral reefs. It also sustains the people of Kubulau, whose ancestors have fished these reefs for centuries.

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Urban Land , October 2007

Urban Land, October 2007

Is Water the Next Carbon?

Water could be the keystone element for measuring a project’s sustainability. Zero-energy homes, carbon-neutral communities, and balanced greenhouse gas emissions are all an established part of the vernacular of the sustainability-savvy. Now neighborhoods, cities, and corporations are moving toward recycling, replenishing, and reducing their demand for water supplies.

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Bach, Alexa. Urban Land Institute, January 2006. ISBN-10: 0874209633

Bach, Alexa. Urban Land Institute, January 2006. ISBN-10: 0874209633

Developing Condominiums: Successful Strategies

This practical book explains how industry professionals developed a wide variety of successful condominium projects throughout the nation--including green building, adaptive reuse, pre- and post-Hurricane Katrina development, and a new (at the time) take on affordable housing.

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